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Entry #2

Why is this happening?

2015-04-07 20:31:29 by Mumbo-Jumbo

So I've been playing games on the portal lately, as you do, but as of late I've noticed an...''error''.


You see, everything; the authors comments and the like, but the game is appearing, and I want to know if anyone else is having this problem, or knows why it occurs. :/


Edit: I've just realised that it was Chrome blocking plug-ins. Slippery Google, don't think I haven't rumbled your game!


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2015-04-07 20:37:35

Glad you got it fixed mate, have fun on the portal! :D

(Updated ) Mumbo-Jumbo responds:

I'll be sure to, now that Chrome isn't screwing me over! xD
In fact, the only reason I didn't check sooner is because being up at 1:40 AM is screwing with my head. :P


2015-04-13 13:21:02

Unfortunately flash has bad security and is probably responsible for the MAJORITY of viruses on the net. A bit of a conflict of interest for me to say this, because I make flash games. But it is true. Hence why I am slowly moving away from flash towards other technologies.
-John Mark

Mumbo-Jumbo responds:

I see.

I'd post something more intricate and interesting, but school has made me tired as hell. xD


2015-05-04 12:06:36